Additional insurance options

Purchase additional insurance at our office and enjoy a full protection for any situation that might occur during your car rental. We are cooperating with the reputable insurance companies to provide you the best care. The deductible/excess for the car depends on the category of rental vehicle. The common range is from 18000 CZK up to 27 000,-CZK.

We provide road assistance service in cooperation with our partners throughout EU. You can reach our assistance service 24/7.

Full Coverage without Excess – MC total

The protection will give you peace of mind no matter what situations come up on the road. We offer full coverage with no excess. The coverage is reduced responsibility in case of damage. 

The full coverage excludes:   

Windshield Protection

The protection costs from 110,-CZK a day, it depends on the car category. 

Be aware the repair of the front glass can cost more than 20 000,- CZK so we recommend to our clients to not take a risk and purchase windshield protection.

Assistance service for the Czech Republic

We offer road assistance service from 79,- CZK/day. The protection is valid in whole area of the Czech Republic. If you want to be fully covered and not deal with towing a car, Assistance service CZ is the best choice for you. We are cooperating with the partners throughout the Czech. We are able to manage swift help till 30 minutes. If you want hassle-free rental and not having to deal with any potential issues, road assistance is the best choice for you. We cooperate with reputable partners within Czech Republic and are usually able to help you with any issue in less than 90 minutes.

If your rental car is immobile, we will provide you a with replacement vehicle till the end of the rental period.

We provide a replacement car in case of any troubles on the road to ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

Assistance service for EU

We offer road assistance service for whole area of European Union. We are cooperating with insurance company Europe Assistance. With this service the company will provide you with all necessary assistance in case of any issue (see below). The price for assistance service starts at 163,-CZK/day and varies depending on your travel destination. 

The insurance is arranged for a whole period of the rental and it is valid from the first day of the rental until the return of the vehicle according to the rental agreement.

Benefits of EU Assistance: 

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